Why Vote for Lawrence Chard? Would it be a Wasted Vote?

Would it be a Wasted Vote

Would it be a wasted vote for an unknown independent such as Lawrence?

Not necessarily.

Dare to Be Different!

If you think our politicians, or all M.P.s are the same, think again. Firstly I am not a politician, secondly, I am completely independent of any political party, I am an original thinker, using facts, analysis and logic to make decisions, rather than blind, pre-conditioned thinking.

Do you fancy making a protest vote? In the 2015 General Election, only just over 35,000 votes were cast in Blackpool South. The electoral roll contains 65,000 registered voters. If just half of those, presumably disaffected 30,000 voters cast their vote for me, I would get more than enough to win.

If I were elected, or even if I got a substantial number of votes, it might send a message to all the party politicians that you don’t like them, and would prefer a change. It would be like sticking two fingers up at the major parties.

A vote for Gordon Marsden, who has been the labour M.P. for Blackpool South since 1997, may see Ed Milliband as Prime Minister in a coalition with the Scottish Nationalist Party (S.N.P.). While I believe Gordon has been a very hard working M.P., and appears to have worked well for his local constituents, now may be the right time for a change, in view of the above scenario.

I may be the only candidate born and raised in the constituency, with a business which has also been in the Blackpool South constituency for over 50 years.

I would push for a guarantee of fair and honest treatment of all taxpayers by H.M.R.C. (the taxman). This should benefit almost everybody in Blackpool South.

I do have a successful track record of running a small business, currently employing 16 people. I have always run the business fairly, honestly, competitively, transparently, without government handouts or subsidies. I believe governments should spend and invest money in the same careful way that business owner-managers tend to do, boldly at times, but with care and thought, and an aim at efficiency and productivity. I may be the only candidate who had had a proper job.

I do have a list of other thoughts, philosophies and policies on my policy page, some of which, where needed, may be or appear quite radical, some may appear quite mundane and conservative.

Don’t Vote For Me If:

You are a career criminal.

You are not prepared for change or independent thought.


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