Lawrence Chard to Stand for 2015 U.K. Parliamentary Election

Parliamentary Election – Lawrence Chard to Stand

Lawrence Chard to Stand for 2015 U.K. Parliamentary Election, I`m not known for any previous political interests or ambitions, but have put my name down for election as a Member of Parliament for the Blackpool South Consitutency in the May 7th 2015 General Election.

Independent Candidate

I am standing as an Independent candidate in the¬†Parliamentary Election , but if I were allowed to add further description to my nomination form or the voting form, it would say “for Fair Tax”

Thoughts and Philosophies

In the next few days I will add a list of thoughts and philosophies which would underlie any policies which I would espouse or support. I do not intend to issue anything as grandiose or pompous sounding as a manifesto.

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