Press Notes – Lawrence Chard Candidate for Blackpool South Constituency

Here is a brief rundown for media: Lawrence Chard Candidate for Blackpool South Constituency - check shirt

Lawrence Chard as Candidate for Blackpool South Constituency in the 7th May 2015 Parliamentary Election

Lawrence Chard has no existing political affiliations or connections.

What stimulated me to stand for election was noticing the HMRC’s “Your Charter” contains no promise to be fair or honest, or to treat its customers fairly, even though it expects it counterparties themselves to be honest. I believe this is a glaring omission which should be rectified at the earliest possible opportunity. We should be able to expect the taxman to be fair. Fair treatment by the taxman must be in the interest of everyone in Blackpool South and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Many people, including the disaffected non-voters believe all politicians tell lies. If it is necessary to lie in order to get elected, then I am 29 years old! (That’s the only lie I intend to tell).

I believe we should leave the EU, in order to control our own laws and immigration. Switzerland and Norway both have exemplary trade agreements with the EU.

We are too soft on crime and criminals.

Britain needs to change and improve attitudes. We need to get everybody to RESPECT others and our country.

We need to boost education standards. We need to get parents onside, and give teachers and schools the means to control unruly pupils. Education should not just be restricted to academic subjects, but also include lifestyle

Our government(s) should avoid stop start chop change actions. Changes to taxation and spending should be gradual not sudden.

I do not expect to be elected, but stranger things happen.

If elected, the first thing I would do is suggest a recount.

Is s vote for an unknown independent like me a waste of a vote?

Not necessarily. In the last General Election, 30,000 registered electors failed to cast their vote. Perhaps these people were fed up or disenchanted with politicians. If so , I vote for me would send a “two-fingered” message to the main political parties.

If just half of the non-voters voted for me, I would almost certainly get a majority, and be elected. You never know, if could happen.

If it does, I promise never to run for re-election.



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