Policies and Philosophy

 Policies and Philosophy

My Policies and Philosophy, It is extremely unlikely that I will be elected, and if it did happen, a single independent M.P. would not be able to dictate policy, especially as we are not in Russia, and we don’t use Kalashnikovs to dictate policy, so instead I will list a number of guiding thoughts.

Thoughts Philosophy and Ideas

HMRC to add a statement to its Charter to promise to be fair and honest, and to treat its counterparties fairly.

Law and Order

Toughen up on crime and punishment. Make criminals pay fully for the damage, and harm they have caused. Change sentencing policy to include lifestyle and the value or cost of the criminal to society. Reintroduce capital punishment, although this will probably need us to quit the E.U. Prisoners should work to pay for their cost in addition to repaying victims. Where the repayment term exceeds their life expectation, we should offer them an alternative, a cyanide pill would be my suggestion. This would eliminate re-offending. I could make Draco appear to be a liberal softie.

European Union

Leave the E,U. In 1973, we joined the E.E.C. (the European Economic Community). It was later renamed the E.C., followed by E.U. We do not need a referendum on this. It is clear that Germany, France, and politicians from some of the other leading members want a federal European state and parliament. This is not what we signed up for.

Leaving the E.U. should allow us to control immigration. Australia provide a good model for this. There would undoubtedly be extra costs and problems for some, mainly larger businesses, but these could and would mainly adapt as usual.

Budget, Spending and Taxes

Initially, maintain the existing budget, making the smallest changes possible rather than major lurches. Aim for fiscal surplus. We should never burden future generations with reckless spending.

Government Subsidies

Remove subsidies for windfarms, solar power, and other alternative energy sources. I do believe we should invest in renewable energy, but only when it is economically sound to do so. Subsidies distort economics, and lead to poor investment spending choices.


Maintain defence spending in line with our NATO commitments. We need to be more strongly pro-active against terrorism of all kinds.

National Health Service

N.H.S. services should be maintained. We should stop health tourism, and charge non U.K. citizens a commercial rate for treatment. We should try to recover costs for self-inflicted injuries and problems. One idea might be to have individual lifetime accounts. A basic and major problem is that the range of treatments and treatable conditions has mushroomed since the N.H.S was formed, and we all seem to expect to be treated and cured regardless of cost. It might be useful if the retail price of drugs, and possibly the price charged to the NHS were shown to patients when they collect prescriptions or get them dispensed. This would help to cut excess costs in two ways. If patients were aware that some over the counter medicines cost only pence, they may opt to pay for their own instead of letting pharmacies charge the NHS, and may get them without needing to see a G.P. to do so, saving further costs, and freeing up doctors’ time. I also heard of one case where a little old lady commented about a £500 inhaler she was being prescribed, “Don’t worry I never use it, and I already have 23 of them at home”. If she knew the cost to the NHS, she may have saved it thousands of pounds much earlier.


Education. I firmly believe our educational standards have dropped considerably in my lifetime, yet technology has become more important. Numeracy seems to considered as optional, yet has become more important. Literacy is also vital, yet appears to have declined. We also need to include respect and responsibility in education. Unruly and disruptive behaviour should not be tolerated, teachers should not fear confrontation by children or their parents. We should also give more practical life lessons, such as how to cook or clean, how to read food labelling, nutrition, how to know what marketing propaganda to believe, and much more.

M.P.s Pay

If we want good Members of Parliament,  we should expect to pay them a competitive rate for the job. There should be stronger measures against them fiddling their expenses, accepting bribes in whatever form, whether it be cash for questions, sponsorship, donations or other oblique and opaque methods. I am not likely to benefit from this, and am certainly not doing this for the money.

Social Behaviour

Zero tolerance. This is too easy a sound bite, and should sensibly be called low tolerance. We need to get back to a society where everyone has and shows respect for their community, neighbours, and country. We should not ignore or tolerate low level antisocial behaviour. Littering may sound unimportant, but it is a selfish act, and we all end up paying for our local councils to clean it up.


Governments cannot create employment, or at least, not economically. We should be realistic and stop expecting politicians to be able to create full employment.

Drug Abuse

Drugs. There are arguments for the controlled legalisation of recreational drugs. I believe it would be better is we could use education to reduce their use, but this does not seem to have worked very effectively. It seems there is a large minority of people who are stupid enough to want to abuse drugs, and who appear not to know, or want to know about the consequences, including long term health impairment, and more senseless drain on our health services.

Big Business

Big Business. As a business owner, you may expect me to be pro business, but I am extremely sceptical about the ethics and behaviour of many of our largest companies. I am unhappy that big businesses exert too much influence on politicians in the U.K. and worldwide. Some spend millions, even billions, on trying to influence governments to legislate, or not as the case may be, in their favour. I could cite two examples. The tobacco companies have recently been trying to force governments not to impose plain packaging. We all know that tobacco is harmful to health, but the principal job of tobacco companies is ensure as many people as possible become addicted to their products. If that is not unethical, I don’t know what is. The so-called ethical drug companies are known to hide and distort research which shows their products in a bad light. They also mark products as safe in some countries, even when they have had to withdraw or give warnings about the same products in other, stricter, countries. I believe this is an extremely cynical and unethical way to treat the health and lives of ordinary people just so the companies can maximise their profits. We need consumer protection laws which would ensure manufacturers and suppliers would accept strict legal liability for the safety of their products.


Transport. I currently believe that HS2 is a flag-waving propaganda exercise, and is not likely to repay its considerable costs. Railways are still hugely subsidised in the U.K., while road transport is heavily taxed. This is a typical example of government and political distortion of economic market, which inevitably leads to waste. I am aware that road transport arguably causes more pollution, but some of the worst polluters of older designs of diesel engines in buses. Diesel engines are getting bad press recently, but new modern diesels have particulate filters, which help if properly maintained.

It is time the driving test was made more comprehensive. One good idea is for the current style test to be redesignated as an intermediate step, allowing those drivers who pass to drive solo, but with an “R” sticker for a limited period before they take a full test which should be the equivalent of the advanced driving courses and tests promoted and operated by bodies such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists. This would cost new drivers more, but should improve road safety for all users, and probably bring long term benefits through NHS and other savings. It should also help to keep insurance premiums in check, saving fully qualified drivers money.


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