Only 73 Votes – But a Huge Percentage Gain!

Huge Percentage Gain?

73 Votes, Huge Percentage Gain – Well, I suppose that’s how a political spin-doctor would put it.

I have to admit to being slightly disappointed, and my own forecast was 180, which I hoped was erring on the cautious side, but…

Thanks to all 73 who did vote for me in Blackpool South.

The winner was the incumbent labour M.P. Gordon Marsden, who appears to work very hard for his constituents. I have already congratulated him on his victory with an increased majority which seems to have bucked the national trend so far.

In my home constituency of Blackpool North and Cleveleys, the incumbent Conservative M.P. Paul Maynard also won with an increased majority. He also appears to be a hard working person who cares for all the individuals in his constituency.

A one-all draw for the two major parties in Blackpool.

Blackpool South Results

Gordon Marsden (Labour) 13,548
Peter Anthony (Conservative) 10,963
Peter Wood (UKIP) 5,613
Duncan Royle (Green Party) 841
Bill Greene (Liberal Democrat) 743
Andy Higgins (Independent) 655
Lawrence Chard (Independent) 73

In Good Company

I’m not used to doing things and coming last, but neither am I afraid of doing so. At least I am in good company; the Green Party and Liberal Democrat ¬†candidates also lost their deposits, as I did and also the other Independent Andy Higgins who was campaigning to raise awareness of Blackpool Football Club’s problems, and the dissatisfaction of its fans with the owners.

Back to the Day Job!

After what must have been one of the shortest campaigns, now it’s back to my day job, but part of this will be working to stop HMRC unfairly grabbing any more of our company’s money. Our company pays its fair share of tax (we collect and pay about ¬£300,000 per annum), but I deeply resent it when HMRC make unfair demands, then hang on to ¬£113,000 of our hard-earned money for more than a year before handing it back without a thank you, interest, or compensation. The catalytic reason for me standing for election was to try to draw attention the the fact that the HMRC Charter omits to state that it will be fair, to treat its “customers” fairly, or to be honest with them. I believe these are all shameful omissions which should be rectified as soon as possible.


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