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Green Credentials

Lawrence Chard - Green Credentials in Green Party ShirtI think I can fairly lay claim to sound green credentials, I have always disliked waste, including excessive consumption of energy and other resources including natural resources.

To make a point, I have provided a photo of me wearing what I would like to describe as a Green Party shirt. It has passion flowers on it, so should appeal to those who are passionate about gardening and nature. It is a Liberty print, so should also keep Liberty International happy as well.

But Seriously…

Our new premises at 32 to 36 Harrowside contain an incredible amount of insulation; we have yet to analyse a full year’s heating costs, but we expect them to be lower than our old smaller building on Lytham Road.

Despite reservations over hybrid and battery automotive power, our new company car, which is due for delivery in May, is officially rated to do 153 m.p.g., according to official E.U. test figures; we will see! It will replace our 7 year old Fiat Panda which is officially rated at 54 m.p.g.

The Green Party

Like millions of others, I watched the excruciating and hilarious interview between Natalie Bennett the leader of the Green Party U.K. and Nick Ferrari, how anybody could ever look at her, hear her name, or listen to her without falling about laughing I will never know.

Apparently the Green Party policy or manifesto includes building 500,000 new social rent homes. She was asked where she would get the money from, and said it would come from removing mortgage relief on private landlords. (I suspect this would be unworkable, possible illegal, as it would be disallowing perfectly legitimate business costs). She was asked how much this would bring in, and appeared not to know.

Asked the cost of 500,000 new homes, she eventually said it would cost £2.7 billion. If you care to do the maths, you will find it comes to £5,400 each!

She later said the cost per home would be £60,000; this works out at £30 billion!

It sounds to me as if the Green Party have lost count of a zero. Now while a single zero does not count for much, when it is on the end of any number, it makes a 10 fold difference. She was actually wrong by a factor of 11; that’s like your weekly shopping bill being £550 instead of £50! Except that most people would be able to spot the difference.

If this was the Green Party leader, I would rather believe and trust the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. They sound much more sensible to me.

I looked at the Green Party website, particularly the “What we stand for page”, it sounds like a cross between John Lennon’s Imagine, and the Communist Party Doctrine.

Save the Planet

Most people think saving the planet is a great idea, it happens in films, so why can’t it happen in real life? and precisely what are we saving the planet from?

Politicians of every colour seem to have adopted saving the planet as a policy, presumably because of its popular appeal. If you were politician and it could get you elected, you would be pretty stupid to ignore it or argue against the tide of public opinion, except that sometimes public opinion gets it wrong, everyone gets carried away with some concept or sound bite, and goes into mass hysteria like lemmings or headless chickens.

Climate Change and Global Warming

I prefer to make decisions and form opinions based on facts, knowledge, evidence, analysis, and logic. When I first heard the words Global Warming and Climate Change, I could find no clearly presented evidence, so I retained an open and slightly sceptical mind about it. I was already aware that the earth has been through numerous ice ages, at least 5 major ones in the last 2.5 billion years, so that cycles of warning and cooling are well known, although the first awareness of ice ages was less than 300 years ago.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was set up in 1988. It does not surprise me that their findings in general are that global warming is happening, that it is caused by human activity, that we need to take urgent drastic action to curtail anthropogenic (man-made) warming. As most of the IPCC are presumably well paid, and having been placed in a position of power and influence, it would be surprising if they came to any other conclusion, as this would, inter alia, talk themselves out of a lucrative job. It is known that some of its reports and projections have been wildly inaccurate, and worse that they tried to suppress data which indicated cooling. A few year sago, I attended a lecture by Lord (Nigel) Lawson of Blaby, and subsequently read his book “An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming”. He informed us that he was one of the few politicians to have read the IPCC reports in their entirety, and despite him being a politician, I believe him, and respect his arguments and viewpoints. He does not, as some of his opponents falsely claim, deny that warming is taking place, but does argue that it would be more sensible to take measures to adapt to it rather than try to prevent it. For me, this calls to mind the mythical story of King Cnut trying to command the sea to recede; it surely would have been easier and more effective to move his towel further up the beach.

Receding Glacier Research

This winter I personally visited at least 6 European glaciers, and made a point of looking at their recent historic levels. Unlike professional politicians, I paid for my own travel and accommodation during this research. Of course, it helped that I did ski on or close to them at the time, armed with avalanche transceivers, probes, shovels, mountain guides. and on some occasions with climbing harness.

 Blackpool Nationalist Party

I did consider forming a Blackpool Nationalist Party, under the B.N.P. banner. After all the extra money and benefits thrown at Scotland to try to keep the United Kingdom together, just think how quickly Blackpool could regenerate itself if given the same treatment. Now, have a got a red white and blue shirt I could wear?





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