Do All Politicians Lie?

By 29 year-old Lawrence Chard!

Do All Politicians Lie?

Do All Politicians Lie? There is an old joke which goes “How can you tell when a politician is lying?” – Answer “His lips are moving”.

In a democracy, the electorate can choose to cast their votes based on altruistic principles of what is best for the majority, or they can vote for whoever or whichever party promised to do the most for them, a kind of legal, but not very ethical bribe. As a result, the general public tend to get the politicians they deserve, as most politicians and their parties would not get elected or achieve majorities if they told the truth. It is possible that Martin Bell was the last M.P. to get elected without telling lies.

I would be astounded, possibly shocked, if I got elected. Independent candidates rarely do, and those few¬†exceptions have usually been professional politicians for many years, usually as a party member, but have eschewed their former party to go “indy”. I have no political affiliations, no political experience, and I am not well known in the Blackpool South community. If I got my deposit back, I would be very surprised.

Lies or Truth?

So, an ethical question, should I stick to telling the truth, or should I lie in the hope of winning some votes? I have decided to cast aside ethics in a hope of getting more votes, here it comes:

I am 29 years old!

Don’t believe it?, nobody does these days, but if that what it takes to get elected, it’s worth trying. Everything else I say as part of my election campaign will be the truth. That should completely wreck any chance I may have had.

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