About Lawrence

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Lawrence Born Raised and Works in Blackpool South

Having attended Revoe primary and junior school, Lawrence was then educated at Blackpool Grammar School (now Collegiate Grammar) in Blackpool.

I have spent over 50 years as a professional numismatist (coin dealer), based originally in Dale Street Blackpool, trading as as R. & L. Coins.

In 1968, we moved the business to 521 Lytham Road Blackpool, and are still operating from it, although we have recently renovated a 1940 Co-op building at 32 to 36 Harrowside Blackpool, and started operating from there, although we have not yet completed the move. This is due to a quirk of VAT rules relating to what is called Residual VAT, and because HMRC rather ungrammatically term us a partially exempt, and because about 90% of our sales are VAT exempt, we can only reclaim about 10% of the VAT incurred on the refurbishment of the new (to us) office and showroom. To move all our business would cost us over £100,000 in VAT. HMRC’s Residual VAT team have acknowledged that the Standard Method (for calculating Residual VAT) is unfair to us, and we are entitled to request a Special Method. We have done this, but have so far been refused on the rather subjective grounds that the proposed method is not quick and easy to administer or audit. We are still working on the evidence to support a fairer Special Method.

I even lived for a few years in Roseacre, but now live in Cleveleys which is in the Blackpool North and Cleveleys constituency, although our business has always been based in Central or South Shore, and has therefore always been in the Blackpool South constituency, hence my decision to run in that constituency.